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hi folks,

i love aalto. it'll be my first and last softsynth on a pc. now i am trying to recreate this in hardware. i know this a buchla like synth but i hope i can get most of the functionality out of regular 3HE modules like the doepfer ones. any help and ideas are welcome !


I have heard there are some good LPG clones out there.

I'm not sure there's anything close to the oscillator. The Harvestman Hertz Donut does some wicked sounds and has a similar layout, but sounds quite different.

As far as the waveguide, I don't think there's anything like it in a modular-- if there were, it would have to be a DSP.

I recently watched a video of a small Modcan rack. I don't remember all the modules he had but I'm pretty sure there were some very fast envelope generators and a frequency shifter in there...It sounded very different from most analog modulars I've heard and almost Buchla/Aalto like.

There are lots of doepfer eurorack modules that emulate aspects of Buchla synthesizers. The difference is that you aren't going to have a complete, pre-packaged system like you would with a Buchla. However, the nice thing is that you can take a lot of these modules and build something uniquely your own.

Take a look at the Wiard modules manufactured for euro by Malekko.
I have the Wiard Borg Filter and it is a real vactrol-based LPG. Sounds amazing.

Also, the makenoise modules will give you interesting results.

The muffwiggler forums are definitely the source for extensive information on this topic.

Ha! I was inspired by Aalto in the same way. So it is a gateway drug!

If you are interested, here is my Aalto-inspired Eurocrack setup (scroll to the end of the thread)