ForumsSoftware ← Aalto feature request: Gate combo mode.

Unless I'm missing it there is no combo mode on the gate. Like the Buchla 292, a combo setting making the gate both a VCA and LPG simultaneously would be very useful.

I hear you, more tone colors is always a good thing.

Thinking back two years... was making the gate a toggle between VCA and LPF without a combo feature done with any specific intent? Would adding a combo feature be something that I could possibly look forward to in the future?

I messed around with a "both" mode when making the first version but didn't make anything I found really useful. I also felt like maybe having the three modes was veering too much towards emulating Buchla LPG as opposed to merely "inspired by."

Thanks for the feedback. I will revisit this for Aalto 2.0 and try some things. In particular there's been a good academic paper on the LPG and if that leads to a tastier sound all around, I may use a new algorithm.