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I realize the license says no transfers. However, on the KVR marketplace people have been putting them up for sale and at least one person says he has purchased it with a $10 transfer fee. Some have reported being given permission to sell, while others say they have been denied that permission. Can we please get some clarity on the issue? Thanks!

In general, the idea of a license transfer does not make a lot of sense to me. But I came to realize a lot of my customers felt differently. So I have been doing transfers here for anyone who asks nicely.

The $10 fee is what I ask to do the transfer. Either the buyer or seller could pay it.

I realize clarity is lacking here. But I'm still figuring this out, and basically experimenting right now. If it keeps working out OK I'll write up a more concrete policy.

Just to add to the this discussion, in the EU regarding downloaded software licenses "even if the licence agreement prohibits a further transfer, the rightholder can no longer oppose the resale of that copy."
Taken from this article;



Hey Randy,

I just made an Aalto transfer sale on KVR! Just waiting on you so that I may pay you the $10 fee and get the new buyer his software. I've e-mailed you but I wondered if I may be able to get your attention up here.



P.S. I'm sorry if I didn't do this transfer correctly! I was a little unsure of how this works, the buyer wanted to pay immediately, and he already sent the money via Paypal. Reading over this thread, I realize my mistake - that I should have asked you first. My apologies, Randy. It wasn't intentional.


Hi Brendan, it's OK, see my email.