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I seem to remember while back a post saying that the Aalto reverb would be made available as a stand alone plugin?
Did that ever happen, or did I imagine the whole thing?

Yes, I released it at one point but didn't keep it up to date. It's coming back soon as part of a new open software project.

whoop I hope I know at least a part of what that means

and I hope that part is a gorgeous sounding chorus ;)

another question about this reverb; Are there any parameters that can be changed? Or is it just one type of setting?

Are there any parameters that can be changed?

Nope, it is what it is. Kind of like the reverb in an old semi-modular synth like the arp 2600... If you want a full-featured reverb I like the ones from ValhallaDSP!

No worries :) it is a great verb, sounds lush. Currently using EOS and Adverb (chained) a lot. Great stuff from Audio Damage, although pretty simple.