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Hi folks, just spent the last hour or so creating a full fledged Lemur controller for Aalto. Really lovely for messing around with sounds in a new way quickly :) doesn't have support for patch cables of course but every other switch/knob/fader works perfectly in the template.

There's also an Ableton Live 9 project in there with aalto all mapped out for you. If you don't have Ableton 9 then you'll have to map the lemur controls to the relevant aalto controls manually. If anyone has any trouble with this let me know and I'll try to help you out :)

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Lemur Aalto Controller Template Free Download!

Thanks for the generous making and sharing! I have never used Lemur but I know a lot of people use it with Aalto, I look forward to trying this.

Nice the live template doesn't load anything but blank session. I have live 9 suite.

Nice the live template doesn't load anything but blank session. I have live 9 suite.

ah bugger, sorry about that. I have replaced the project and it show now load properly. use the original link in my OP :)

cheers and sorry again for that.

Will your template work with Live 8 (or with hosts other than Live?). Thanks for doing this!

A related question. Using Live 8, I cannot figure out how to access MIDI mapping of parameters within the Aalto plug-in so that I can use your Lemur template. Any advice? Thanks for that and for doing this project in the first place!

Apologies for the repeated notes - but I discovered one other thing. In Live 8, I only see a single parameter exposed for MIDI mapping (Complex Oscillator noise). I'm wondering if there's some way to expose more of the parameters so that they can be mapped via "configure." Again, thanks.

HI Bob,

That parameter is probably mapped because you clicked on the control for it. Whenever Configure is lit, wiggling the control for a parameter in Aalto’s UI causes Live to generate an assignable control track for that parameter.

Thanks, Randy. That worked (although some of the controllers that appear on the Live template are knobs rather than buttons). However, I cannot get will sanquil's dedicated Aalto template to address Live. I looked at the template in the editor and see no obvious reason why it wouldn't. Any thoughts?

Hmm, nothing comes to mind. I’m no Live expert myself. I would check out more Live docs and Will’s tutorials to see if they are germane.

Thanks again, Randy. Nothing obvious or seemingly germane. I'm hoping Will will respond. Will? (thanks in advance!)

Hey Will,

Is your Lemur template still available? The DropBox link gives me an error.

By the way, you don't happen to have a video demo of the template in action do you? I haven't bought Lemur yet and with cash tight at the moment and Kaivo just around the corner I'm trying not to spend money on things unless I know they're going to be really useful.