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Is this possible? I can't think of way to send program change messages to change patches in Ableton. Thanks for your help.
Thanks for a great synth, Randy!

OK, I added this feature but apparently completely failed to document it. Sorry for the confusion.

Here's how to set up Aalto to respond to MIDI program change messages.

  • Make a "MIDI Programs" folder in your user presets directory: ~/Library/Audio/Presets/Madrona Labs/Aalto/MIDI Programs. Note the capitalization and the space.
  • put any programs you want to trigger through MIDI in that folder.
  • send Aalto a program change message to select a program from the folder.

The folder is scanned by Aalto on startup and the presets in the "MIDI Programs" folder are assigned numbers in alphabetical order. If you go to the folder from the preset menu, you will see each preset listed with its MIDI number afterwards.

To rearrange the programs, you can give them new names so they are in a different alphabetical order. I realize this is a little clunky, but this way it got done instead of not done. Someday I could come up with a GUI for making sets of MIDI-selectable presets.

so many new features and work you forgot one! merry christmas

This time of year has me wondering...hmm how would aalto sound through an apogee duet

or anything other than the computers headphone out..

^^ Answer: "A lot better". :) Wishing you an upgrade soon!

(The Duet is what I started with actually, I think it's a super value if you can find the Duet 1 on craigslist or somewhere.)

if you don't mind me asking what are you using these days?

and if you don't mind answering a value question...i do have a potential apogee duet 1 for sale near me for 250 it includes the tsounds duet breakout box

i usually play with a single mic (sometimes two) and sounds from the computer...max/ableton/pure data

the only reason i might go with a duet 2 over 1 is it seems like you could make a 4 speaker setup if you used the headphone and monitor outs together.

Thanks, Randy. I got it working!

Wednesday, that sounds like a good deal, especially with the breakout box, I paid more than that for mine which only had the breakout cables, and was happy. I would wait on the Duet2 until you saw one second-hand for cheap. If you're wanting to do multichannel outs I would try something like a Motu 828 first (going for under $100 on CL) and see if you (and your mac) get along with it. I do think the Duet1 sounds really good, even just for monitoring, compared to the headphone outs for sure.

This past Summer I got a Metric Halo 2882 when they were having that sale. It's way nicer than what I need but I'm really in heaven with it, and don't have to worry about a good interface anymore (famous last words). Now if I could just make some good music on it... that's a whole 'nother story :).

Going wildly off-topic is easy, and fun

EDIT: there's a Duet 2 on muffwiggler b/s/t for 375 right now. I still think the Duet 1 for 250 is a better value.