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The 1.3 release of Aalto, the patchable synthesizer from Madrona Labs, is now available. With its innovative UI, distinctive sounds, and unique personality, Aalto is designed to help you make expressive new sounds with ease.

Veteran producers, modular fanatics, and neophytes alike have been praising Aalto for its sound quality and usability since its release. Now, in response to a year of user feedback and extensive testing, Aalto 1.3 has many new features and a few important bug fixes:

  • redesigned, rewritten, vector-based, smoothly resizeable UI
  • DSP optimizations
  • Open Sound Control input for Soundplane / t3d format controllers
  • fixed key stealing in Ableton Live
  • fixed Fxpansion RTAS wrapper compatibility
  • improved dial / mouse wheel ballistics
  • fixed Logic noise burst bug of doom
  • sync by ratios to host sequencer
  • added MIDI program change automation
  • store window location / num / anim prefs with saved data, not patch
  • fix startup / shutdown issues affecting Max/MSP, Reaper
  • KEY: added two MIDI modulation outputs
  • KEY: rearranged knobs for Soundplane/t3d switch
  • SEQ: added random sequence button
  • SEQ: added steps signal input
  • SEQ: allow fine delay time changes in steps of 0.1
  • ENV: increased attack, decay ranges
  • ENV2: added delay, attack signal inputs
  • LFO: add level signal input
  • OSCILLATOR: fix linear pitch input range
  • patcher: fixed sticky signal displays
  • patcher: display bipolar signals as absolute

    Aalto 1.3 is a free upgrade for licensed Aalto owners. If you already own a copy of Aalto, simply log in to your Madrona Labs account and click "My Downloads" to see the new links.

    An Aalto license is $99 US and includes all future 1.x upgrades as well as Mac and Windows versions.

This is exciting news for sure!

One issue I'm having is that my account has no "My Downloads" section anywhere. Yes, I'm positive that I am using the correct e-mail address that I used when purchasing Aalto. I have never had a reason to seek out a Download section before because I have never needed to re-download the synth.

Please help as soon as you get a free moment! Thanks :)

~Brendan Gonyea

My Downloads is also not accessible to me.

no 'my downloads' here either.
clicking 'my account' takes me to the profile edit page...?

OK, I do believe I've fixed it for all y'all.


I guess "My Download" section is not fixed for everyone ;).
I still cannot access it.

By all y’all I just mean the people who let me know here. Should be working OK for most. If it's not, let me know.

great username BTW thewalkingforest. You should be able to download now .

Thanks Randy :).
"The Walking Forest" is the name of my first album in the making.

Holy moly Randy, the new UI is GREAT !

I too do not have access to My Downloads. Thanks in advance for your assistance Randy. :)

Hi. I noticed the presets came with the download as well. Is there any reason to install these if we had the old presets installed from a previous version? Thanks!

lots to love in this update!
noticed right away that some of my own patches sound very different between 1.2.6 and 1.3 (it's not just the new UI that's making me hear imaginary difference!). i have both running side-by-side in Live with same patches loaded in each and there's definitely a softer sound to 1.3 with certain patches. but others sound pretty much identical. interrrresssting! gonna take a while to get used to this!

woweee!!! full-screen Aalto on my 27" imac! 8)

Still no 'my downloads' for me. Updated my email to match my paypal account but still no love. Looking forward to trying the update.

I'm also missing my downloads... Looking forward to experimenting with the update! Thanks in advance Randy!

Hey Randy
I don't have the "my downloads" option in my account...I don't see any links.

Thank you Randy! Everything works fine for me

Thanks a lot Randy, works fine here for me since yesterday evening, and I'm agree, the new sound is really impressive, do you always create different little variations per downloads..?

New guy is fantastic. I was a little surprised first by the frequency slider, really speed, but it's ok now.

Is OSC t3D implementation a classic format and how to too know the good address..? usable with something else than Soundplane..?

Thanks again and long life to Madronna labs ! ;-)

Edit :
2 small things ( maybe better to open a new thread, don't know, but:

_what is the midi program change code you use, don't seems to work here ..?

_small typo issue: in my reel name there's a "éa" and in this version, it's become é ..... ;-)

I know what I'll be doing this evening - thanks Randy - new version looks great.

That's the weekend sorted! Thanks!

Very nice update, I like, ableton bugfix feature is my favorite.

Group answer:

I have fixed the licenses for everyone who mentioned not finding "My Downloads" here.

1.3.0 really shouldn't sound any different. There are some fixes to how parameters are scaled but these shouldn't affect existing patches. Curious. If you want to send an example that would be great.

There is no reason to install the new patches if you have 1.2.6. I'll put out some updated user patches soon hopefully.

Is OSC t3D implementation a classic format and how to too know the good address..? usable with something else than Soundplane..?

There should be enough info in t3d thread in Hardware forums to get started.

_what is the midi program change code you use, don't seems to work here ..?

Normal program change messages should work.

_small typo issue: in my reel name there's a "éa" and in this version, it's become é ..... ;-)

Aalto sadly doesn't speak Unicode yet for names, sorry. we can fix this in your account. Please email to remind me.

"- KEY: added two MIDI modulation outputs"

Please explain better, what it does?

Please explain better, what it does?

The mod output from the KEY module sends the MIDI continuous control (CC) selected by the "mod cc#" dial. The +1 and +2 outputs send the next two CCs. So if "mod cc#" is set to 1, mod, +1 and +2 send out signals from MIDI controls 1, 2 and 3.

Randy thanks.