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sorry to hassle you..but any news?

newsletter said 2 weeks

Its been 2 weeks ;)


Any news on the update? I was working on a Touchosc template for Aalto but i decided to wait for the update before i continue...

@Djorkaeff - That TouchOsc Template sounds promising :) + some news on the update would be appreciated

I too have a template that requires max for some extras not included in aalto it just has a couple bugs that i want to wait to fix like djorkaeff until 1.3 is released

maybe this should be a completely different thread but...
i would certainly pay aalto prices for another vst that did what aalto does well except with live audio input..that would be crazy

People have betas and they are looking good. Likely just a few days.

Randy, thank you for your reply. And i wanna to apologise for my impatience, by the way.

It's just hard to predict when all the problems will be solved. I'm working on it... hard.

excellent! thanks for the reply, Randy! @Bobswans: bear with me, it is my first template.