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I'm close to finishing the Aalto 1.3 upgrade. I had a request for a sneak peek, so here you go. The 1.3 version leaves the sound engine exactly the same, but adds a few of the MIDI and usability features most requested by users. Mostly people complained that Aalto's UI was just too big overall. So I hope you enjoy the new, smaller version:

Cute little guy, ain't he. Wait, what? You said it was too small already? OK, enjoy the new, bigger version:

And yes, you can smoothly resize between the two.

If you look closely, you can see evidence of new capabilities that will be coming. The list is not set in stone and will include some things depending on whether I have time to finish in the next couple of weeks. So I'll hold off on announcing new features until the release is out.

nice! new bits i see:
a random button for the seq, and inlets for lfo's volume and env2's delay & attack (translucent?). also noticed that the 4-voice indicator is gone. is this because of soundplane integration? anyway looking fwd to it! cheers for the peek :)

The voices indicator is the same---the lights disappear when they get so small, is all. The patcher outputs are translucent as placeholders while I'm working on them.

looks terrific. can't wait to get my hands on it!

Cool teaser Randy ! Impatient to test this new baby !

So excited! Fingers crossed that you can program change between patches like on a hardware synth. That would make my year!

looks like a great upgrade. I would also like to see a way to change presets via midi.

Just getting aquainted with the Aalto and loving it!
I have poor eyes so can't wait for the 'bigger' version.

ello ello... what are those 2 extra KEY outputs (x1 & x2, it looks like)? intrigued!

Hey there. It's two more midi CC outputs . because I want to keep the UI simple and not take any more space, they are set to the channels n+1 and n+2 where n is the "mod cc" channel set by the dial.

In short, lots more MIDI control!

sounds v.handy! and a nice way of avoiding the midi map thing for each preset.

Any scheduled release date?

sorry, :) patience was never my virtue

Not long now!

Hey Randy, my eyes needs Aalto 1.3 xD !

working hard on it!

Can't wait ;D

super excited for this!!!!!! modulating the step length and the 2 stage eg will be huge!
how's the aax possibility looking for us pro tools users?

sweet! i hadn't noticed that 'step' inlet.

re: AAX, like RTAS, I'm not sure the number of people who want synths for that platform is not sufficient to pay for the time I would spend writing and supporting it. After 1.3 is out I'll take a look at the new SDK.

Thanks for continuing development on Aalto! Anxious to try 1.3. I guess I am one looking fwd to the larger GUI ;)

thanks to ear us for lagest GUI , i love this feature :-)

I´m so looking forwards to this !!!...